Is Human Suffering Metaphysical or Mundane?

Originally published at Three Quarks Daily. If we are to believe the most prominent of the writers we now lump under the category of “existentialism,” human suffering in the modern world is rooted in nihilism. But I wonder whether this is the best lens through which to view human suffering. According to existentialism, as theContinue reading “Is Human Suffering Metaphysical or Mundane?”

How Not to Solve an Existential Crisis

How should we deal with an existential crisis (otherwise known as the feeling that one’s life is an endlessly tedious, worthless slog through a muddy salt marsh on the coast of Maine)? Heidegger was one of the few philosophers to write about this. (Although he never visited the coast of Maine.) According to him, mostContinue reading “How Not to Solve an Existential Crisis”