Is Human Suffering Metaphysical or Mundane?

Originally published at Three Quarks Daily. If we are to believe the most prominent of the writers we now lump under the category of “existentialism,” human suffering in the modern world is rooted in nihilism. But I wonder whether this is the best lens through which to view human suffering. According to existentialism, as theContinue reading “Is Human Suffering Metaphysical or Mundane?”

Sent Forth to Die in a Happy City

In “The Plague,” Camus’ theme was fascism. The final paragraph in that book surely resonates with the news today and the deeply pernicious way fascism takes root in a culture: He knew what those jubilant crowds did not know but could have learned from books: that the plague bacillus never dies or disappears for good;Continue reading “Sent Forth to Die in a Happy City”