On Conversion Experiences

Religions have always relied on the idea of a conversion experience. But conversion experiences are essential to many of the characterizations of philosophy as a way of life. Plato’s allegory of the cave where one transitions from the corrupt sensible world to the incorruptible world of the spirit; the Stoic intuition of the presence ofContinue reading “On Conversion Experiences”

To Go Off the Rails is the Human Condition

The great conservative manifesto that one must stand athwart history yelling “stop!” is ultimately corrosive. That screed will drift away from reality and become a rigid, abstract ideology that enforces a systematically false picture of how the world works. This is what has happened to conservatism. Change happens no matter how hard you resist it.Continue reading “To Go Off the Rails is the Human Condition”

A Short History of Ethics and a Possible Future

Ancient philosophers concerned with ethical matters were preoccupied with the question of how one should live. Their answers to that question required the existence of a cosmological order to which a good life must conform—an ideal of human nature built into the very structure of reality or advanced via God’s word. Among philosophers, belief inContinue reading “A Short History of Ethics and a Possible Future”

Attunement and Living Well

I am interested in developing a concept that I think will be particularly useful in thinking about philosophy as a way of life. I call the concept “attunement,” with apologies to Heidegger for commandeering his terminology although not his concept. The idea is that we, as well as the situations in which we find ourselves,Continue reading “Attunement and Living Well”