The Art of Gastronomy

Some forms of art, such as painting and sculpture, are relatively fixed and static anchored by the stability of vision and the persistence of visual objects. Other more musical works unfold in time or, like performances and environmental art, change with the passage of time.

Where does gastronomy fit?

With the temporal arts, I think. The heat from cooking arouses the movement of molecules that opens ingredients to mutual influence. Cooking and eating are about force and assimilation, the penetration of surfaces and depths, of molecules breaking and bonding, welcoming the alien and moderating its strangeness.

Chefs create recipes by moving through a world of flavor and texture. They select from traditions and transform them telling gastronomical stories as they go.

A recipe may be temporarily fixed but its performance is as temporal as music, its appreciation as evanescent as a wisp of smoke from the grill.

Published by Dwight Furrow

Wine, food, and travel writing, philosophy, aesthetics

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